The forecast for Blairsville and the surrounding mountains was maybe a dusting of snow. Most of the moisture was going far south of us and Atlanta was bracing for a big storm. You gotta love the technology the weather folks have in 2017. We wake up on Friday morning to 3-4″ of fresh snow. The roads are a mess. Nobody was expecting this little snow event.

Winter Storm Benji

Did I say “little snow”?

By the time it was all over Saturday morning measurements ranged from 11″ to 14″ depending on where you were. We can’t remember seeing anything like this…roads impassable…power outages…a major winter storm slammed Blairsville and the North Georgia Mountains.

Mountainside Treasures opened for business on Saturday morning…but the roads and power outages around the county caused us to make the decision to shut down early – we closed about lunchtime. Everything was beautiful but if you are not prepared for an event like this – it can be daunting. Always stay prepared up here in the mountains and never let your guard down. Thanks to all of the first responders, EMT’s, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement, Road Crews, and Blue Ridge EMC employees — HUGE thanks for all you do!

White Christmas coming?

Mountainside Treasures

Happy New Year! 2018 is Gonna Rock! Dismiss