5 days until Christmas Day. Wow. Every year the holiday season seems to come sooner! Santa also seems to get a little fatter.

So are you ready for Santa this year? We ask people who come into the store this question and it seems like about half say they are and the other half are scrambling! We have so many decorations around here – and with the Christmas music blasting away – it’s hard for us not to be ready for the old man.

Are you ready for Santa?

Getting ready for Santa isn’t just about getting in the Christmas spirit or decorating the house. Christmas time requires a few other considerations.

Santa Safety List:

  • The Christmas Tree. As festive as they are – they can be quite dangerous. Keep the live trees watered and away from heat sources. It’s also not a bad idea to eyeball the artificial trees on a regular basis too. You don’t want Santa involved in a fire. Not good.
  • Home Security. Securing your home from useless people who want to steal or destroy property is a good tip for all 365 days of the year. During the holidays – ramp it up. Be smart.
  • Watch the food. Ok – we know it. There will be everything from candy and snacks to turkeys and ham. Try not to overdo it. This isn’t so much a safety tip as it is…just a tip. You don’t want to be waddling around New Years.
  • Fireplace safety. Another fire hazard during the holidays is the fireplace. People have more fires than normal and some people only burn their fireplace during the Christmas season. Make sure the chimney is good and clean – free of obstruction. Santa doesn’t like getting stuck.
  • Food Gone Bad. All those leftovers. Be sure to reheat this stuff to at least 165 degrees. You don’t want some nasty crud during Christmas or New Years. It would be terrible if you gave Santa some bacterial disease from a bad snack.
  • Weather. I know I know I know – we live in Georgia. We also live in the mountains. It isn’t beyond comprehension that we get a big snow or some ice over the holidays. A White Christmas would be very cool (no pun intended) but can also present a few dangerous situations – particularly on the road. Yours truly spun his Jeep out during that last storm (Benji) while driving a little too fast on Hwy 129. Be careful. Of course, it could also be 65 degrees and sun shining.
  • Electrical. Keep an eye on all of those cheap extension cords you have scattered around the house. There is potential for an electrical fire. Good advice would be to spend the big bucks and buy good, quality extension cords instead of the $1.97 cords that tempt us.
  • Booze. Do we even have to discuss this one? DO NOT EVER DRIVE. Ever. If you host a party make sure you serve non-alcoholic beverages to the designated drivers or call someone to take people home. Whatever you do – don’t let people leave driving a car if they have been drinking. You have to be a complete idiot to drink and drive in 2017.
  • One last Safety Tip. Don’t stress. Stress kills. Seriously. Make sure you allow plenty of time for decorating, shopping, cooking, traveling, and all of the other stuff you have to do during these busy few days. Enjoy. Don’t freak out.

Take a few basic and simple precautions so you can really enjoy Santa when he arrives. Some of us have been a little naughty this year – but we still expect a visit from Kris Kringle…a lump of coal is better than nothing. Make sure you keep an eye out for identity theft. Be especially careful using your credit / debit cards – keep your eyes on the people handling them.

Have fun! We hope to see you at the store during these last few days. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us here at Mountainside Treasures.

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