We’re done. We’re toast. Today is 100% a snow day. Risk vs Reward tells us that getting on some crappy roads in order to go open a store that nobody will come to isn’t a very smart move. We hope you have used the same judgement and are staying safe out there today. Those of you that MUST get out in this mess – kudos to you! Thank you so much. You are much appreciated by the rest of us bums staying at home today.

Enjoy Your Snow DaySo here in the South – and for you guys and gals up North too – we occasionally get a snow day. The day before is usually reserved for milk and bread. Personally I love snow days. They typically come unexpected and it forces us out of our comfort zones of whatever it is we do.

What do YOU do on a snow day? Here are a few suggestions from Mountainside Treasures:

  1. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. As soon as you find out – hopefully it’s the night before – don’t even think about getting out of that warm, cozy bed at your normal time. Give it AT LEAST a couple of hours. Turn that alarm off and enjoy some peace and quiet. Sleeping late is an excellent way to start a snow day.
  2. Eat. Eat. Eat. This is better than Thanksgiving. Kill off the diet for a day and chow down on all of the stuff in your cabinets and fridge that are normally off limits. I myself had some snow day donuts this morning…then inhaled a ton of Lucky Charms. Today’s lunch will be homemade chili (I cheated and made that last night) and dinner will be a pork loin with all of the trimmings. All that stuff is good – but the real fun regarding eating on a snow day is all the stuff we get to eat in between meals. Junk. Crap. Anything no good. Don’t even think about feeling bad about doing it.Chili and snow go together
  3. Build a snowman. Ok – so it’s only an inch. Sometimes however we get much more than an inch and building a snowman is pretty easy. If you only get a dusting or an inch you might had to work at it a little harder. Still – build one. HallMark has some great ideas on how to build a snowman and of course there’s always Pinterest snowman pictures! You can also check out The Science of Building the Perfect Snowman…a very cool article. So at some point during the lazy day – bundle up and go build a snowman. It’s a necessity when it snows.
  4. Make Snow Ice Cream. This works perfectly with #2 on this list. Making ice cream from snow has been a tradition in our family ever since I was a kid – and that was a LONG time ago. Same deal with the snowman – the more snow you have the less work involved. That said – here is MY favorite recipe for snow ice cream. You can find many different variations of snow ice cream – try them all! Paula Deen even has her own recipe!
  5. Sled. This works best if you actually have a sled. Whether you are 2 or 90 – get out there and sled. The only bad thing about sledding is coming back up the hill – an ATV works great for that. **As I’m researching “sledding” I find a tragic Sledding on a Snow Daystory of a 16-yr old girl killed in a freak sledding accident – a drunk driver hit her.** A somber reminder that we have to put safety first no matter what we’re doing. That said, sledding is awesome and sleds come in all sizes, shapes, prices, and colors. You can even build your own sled. As with snow ice cream sledding has been a tradition in my family for years…we take advantage of the white stuff!

Be careful. Be safe. Be smart. Have extreme fun on your snow day.

Mountainside Treasures


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